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Here is the Relationship between our Body & our Money Exploration Session 

It is my mission to empower women, especially women of color, to step into their fullest, unapologetic, authentic Self,

In this short Movement session, I will guide you through the corelation between money and the body

And we'll take a dose of Movement Medicine(TM) that will activate your money body relationship!  

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**Please note, it is important that you listen to your body and only do what is best.  Moves like this can activate & bring up unwanted memories.  None of this is meant to be used for treatment or diagnosis. 
Okay, that said. 

The effects of this work can be very subtle, take some time or be immediate. 
Remember, it might not look like what you think. 
Pay attention to things like finding $ in pockets, saving on a purchase, unexpected gifts or bonuses. 

These are attracted to your new frequency & relationship! 

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