lives aligned

This was my first Movement Medicine session. It was tough and different to what my body is used to. Sharmeen was fantastic. She asked a lot of questions and was able to be very attentive. I can really feel the difference, she made it so accessible to understand.

- Sara (Manager)

Sharmeen is delightful, sincere, confident and extremely knowledgeable. I found Sharmeen on Instagram and was curious about her functional movements and trauma-informed nervous system regulation techniques. I have a hyper-sensitized nervous system and Sharmeen’s methods dovetail perfectly with my physical therapy. The online Co-Regulation course is brilliant. I loved the fun movements targeted at brain, body and nervous system integration. I trusted Sharmeen instantly and appreciate her generosity in reaching out to form a community online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The class was effective at discharging anxious energy and increasing safety, community and a calmer nervous system. I slept very well afterwards (huge win for me!) I'm sharing her link with friends and family, and can’t wait to try the on-line ELDOA! Thank you Sharmeen!"

- Katherine (Nurse Practitioner)

Sharmeen is a brilliant practitioner with a passion for movement & determined to achieve results for her clients. She has a solid understanding & is comfortable dealing with people who have experienced trauma. I would trust her with my mother's care.

- Sean (Osteopath)

Sharmeen is like an intuitive witch in the best way possible. In session with her I felt safe immediately. At the end of the session, I always feel whole, like I am back together again, connected. Her witchy ways include feeling sensations in her body before I feel them in mine. It is a wild ride. After the sessions, I noticed an increased awareness & how I interacted in relationships (mom, partner, kids) shifted - in a good way. Definitely noticeable!

- Kate (Life Coach)

The sessions were focused & engaged. We had a great time!! There was so much value delivered, I would've happily paid double than I did!

- Teresa (Business Owner)

I slept really well, without tossing & turning. Actually, I fell asleep pretty peacefully (even though I had had caffeine late in the day). My body felt so free from the tightness & compression. I felt like I could just let go & didn't feel restless. Today, I feel like there's more spring in my muscles & joints; without feeling locked in. Like my entire body has broken out of this holding pattern that its been in. I'm much more mindful & aware of what's happening in my back; I'm able to make contact with a particular vertebrae. My body feel less inhibited, in both physical and chemical ways. Your enthusiasm is what also makes the sessions so great! Its like having my own personal cheerleader. You know, having someone really pay attention to what's happening and give real-time feedback in such a direct way of whats happening, it's really effective. Super satisfying and rewarding. I think getting that attention, it's not just muscle memory but the memory of the feedback too. Honestly, it feels like there was serious re-wiring happening in my brain, or new neuro-programming for this new mobility and strength.

- Client