Welcome to Aligned Life! I am Sharmeen Abeysinghe (she/her), Founder.

I help people who feel hijacked by their emotions gain emotional resilience through embodied movement so that they can live with freedom & capacity to experience all that life offers without overwhelm.

I am the Embodied Movement Coach for Emotional Resilience, Executive Functioning & Freedom, ELDOA Practitioner, Movement for Trauma Practitioner, & Educator.

“The psychological shifts due to a physical postural change is profound.”

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Current Services Available

All Services are Available Online as well as In Person (with Covid Safety Requirements in place)

The Anxious Thoughts we have in our minds become anchored in our body. Unbenounced to the average person, there are driving factors that influence all our life decisions, which often are unconcious to us. When we work together, we increase somatic awareness & through movement, achieve a greater capacity for self-control, rational thinking, and intuitiveness. Together, this becomes emotional resilience when faced with adversities. Customized to your specific needs, this service is for everyone! Whether looking to tap into your innate instinctual self, or need support increasing focused attention & everyone in between!

It’s no surprise that the Chakras, Chi, Life Force Energy, Nervous System and Spine all refer to the center of our bodies. When we work together for Personal Training or a Private/Semi-Private ELDOA sessions, you will gain awareness, increase communication between body & brain, increase core strength, and reduce physical pain. The psychological differences to a postural change is profound. This Personalized Training is for everyone looking for physical pain relief, empowerment to listen to and take care of your own body, and increase inner core strength.

Healthy Societies begin with Healthy Families, and Healthy Families begin with Healthy Individuals. Everyone in the family benefits when you intentionally get moving together. When we play these fun games as a family, underneath the giggles, there is a lot of learning going on. From practicing executive functioning skills to shaping the architecture of our brains, the activities we’ll play with are as fun for adults as they are for kids. When you add intentional physical activities (in the form of games) to your day – everyone benefits! We’ve all heard “happy kids equal happy parents” but did you know its actually the other way around? Happy Parents equal happy children! (by “happy” I mean a generally content state with the ability to understand overwhelm rather than feeling happy constantly. We value, teach and encourage expression of the entire spectrum of emotion).

Register NOW for the Pre-Sale for our Aligned Parenting Workshop. With all the news about brain development, various types of traumas, and all the new parenting approaches out there.. we’ve created this workshop to help you navigate what your true values are and when you can begin to make parenting choices and decisions from an aligned place, no matter which ‘type’ of parent those surveys say you are. Here, you have the opportunity to get all my knowledge & guidance in one workshop!! Coming Soon – Sign Up NOW & Receive the Workbook Accompaniment FREE! ($50 value)

As an Early Childhood Educator of 19 years, I have guided almost a thousand children to succeed in toilet learning. In this one hour workshop you will learn the signs your child is showing you that they are ready for toilet learning, how to support them through this time, practical tips that actually work & much more! There will be time for individual questions (if you attend live).

Let’s Get To Know Each Other: I’ll Go First:

I believe nature gives us what we need, and not necessarily what we think we want.  Growing up, I thought I’d have girls to raise as a parent. Nature gave me two brilliant boys instead; and I am eternally thankful.  They are exactly what my life needed. I just didn’t know I needed them until they were here, and now, I cannot imagine my life without them.

My clients say the same thing about working with me.  “I didn’t know I needed this, and now, I can’t think of not doing it.”  The awareness that comes with knowledge mixed with doing, is a kind of learning that sticks.  It translates to results because it translates into your daily life.  

I know what true learning feels like.  For the past 19 years, I have been teaching self-regulation, movement foundations, confidence building, and more with the youngest population.  I know how to teach though doing and it is natural for me to break down a large complicated task into smaller manageable, achievable tasks. I am still teaching movement, self regulation & confidence, only now I teach more experienced children (we’re all someone’s child, right?).  

I use the environment as a teacher and that means you’ll never run out of variations – it’s also what makes it fun, not to mention transferable into your daily life.


My approach to Personal Training, ELDOA & all Movement encompasses the whole body, not just muscles, bones & joints. The body is a complex series of systems & my approach respects and values them equally. I am comfortable working with individuals who identify as having experienced trauma. My current area of focus: Nervous System Regulation & Brain Development. We get holistic results – meaning your quality of life improves in all areas, not just fitness.

Group Classes @MindSET

Are we a good Fit?

Book a free consultation! We have to meet (either in person or online) to really know if we’re a good fit.  I’d hate for you to waste time & money on something that doesn’t serve your unique goals. Luckily, even if we’re not right for each other, I have a plethora of highly qualified professionals to whom I refer to.  Either way, through this free 30 minute consultation, you’re likely to find who you’re looking for. 

Words do ELDOA little justice.

Come try a class for yourself!
Your body will thank you.


Your goals are the focus of these personalized movement coaching sessions. Whether it’s to gain strength, & mobility, correct posture, or use movement to gain emotional resilience, when we work together we devise a plan & put it into action to get you there.

When you Align your Body, you Align your Life.

What is MFT?

Movement for Trauma (MFT) was created by Jane Clapp over the span of more than 20 years of working with clients.
These movements & her teachings are integrated into all my work since they are designed for clients’ to become more informed on how their bodies respond to stress.
This is where we tap into our Inner Strength

What is ELDOA?

ELDOA is a series of exercises designed to create space in your joints. Using the body’s fasical system, ELDOA postures effectively mitigate pain, increase mobility & strength, and return the body into proper alignment.
ELDOA, a French acronym (translates to Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches) was created by Guy VOYER D.O.

“It’s no surprise to me that our spine, nervous system, chakras, Chi and life force all refer to the center of our bodies.” -Sharmeen Abeysinghe

When we work together, you can expect some deep core work. Together with consistency, postural exercises and increased awareness, you will notice the results in your quality of life.

All Group Classes, Workshops & Personal Sessions Are Online / Live Streamed / Recorded

I view my role as a Movement Coach from the eyes of the educator that I am. As a life-long learner, I have taken courses in Neuroscience, Movement for Trauma, Pilates, ELDOA, Somatic Movement, Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health, and many many more. I provide coaching services from a unique lense which not only supports the physical self but considers the many layers of self, while fostering communication for MindBody.


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