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    Live Stream ELDOA class where Sharmeen will make adjustments; modifications in real time so you can get the most out of your practice (Video capabilities required)
    Take the day’s stress, move into it before feeling it melt away… I created this class when I felt stress and stiffness in my own body and realized how long it had been since I truly let it go & relaxed. Join me for the ultimate relaxation for the mind & body every Mon & Fri at 8pm (EST)
    Dance, Wiggle & Groove with specialized programing by a Registered Early Childhood Educator & Movement Coach. Perfect for Small Spaces, these activities will get the whole family moving!
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INNER STRENGTH: Core Centered Fitness Class

True strength comes from within. When your body feels physically strong, it translates to other areas of your life too. A strong core is the center of it all. With a strong core, you feel supported. When you feel supported, you begin to think differently. When you think differently, you act differently and thus transformations occur. One step, one thought, one strong core at a time.

That’s why I created this class. In order to get the body & mind on-line and able to relax, I believe we must first wind-up the energies of the day. Participants will be guided with LIVE adjustments, cuing & commadaire. If you’re looking for stress relief, empowerment & relaxation, this class is for YOU!