Family Movement Coaching/ Consulting

It takes a Village …

Family Coaching

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Pricing for Family Coaching / Consulting

Single Session: $80

Five Sessions: $350 (*$70 per single session)

Payments accepted via or email transfer Thank you!

What is family coaching?

This unique offering came to be after parents, caregivers and teachers alike wanted something more than just ‘ideas’.

Bring back the fun, while building skills in both parents & children. When we move together – everyone benefits!

Using the environment we’re in, I guide your family in fun, active games designed to promote executive function & emotional resilience.

Family Coaching

Each family is unique and there are many structures that make up a family. Recognizing this, family coaching is for all types of families.

Movement is our language. Together, we will move stuck energies (sort of like ‘sweating it out’) and bring the self closer to alignment.

Can you imagine parenting from a place of alignment? What a gift!

Benefits Of Family Coaching:

  • Emotionally – Children experience a range of possibilities of winning, losing, feeling proud & feeling disappointed. Through these experiences, they learn how to resolve these emotions.
  • Socially – Children who have a strong sense of self yield less often to negative peer pressure.
  • Physically – decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, mental illness, increased self esteem, physical capabilities, strength, power, endurance, mobility & more
  • Cognitively – reinforce / create neural pathways for executive functioning skills (emotional & impulse control, flexible thinking, working memory, problem solving, organization, focus, planning & prioritizing)
  • So much more!

I am so pleased to offer this to your family! Combining my nearly 20 years of teaching and my love & knowledge of brain development, human development, polyvagal theory, neuroscience, movement, alignment…. it is all connected & I get to share it all with you!

What is Family Consulting?

As an Early Childhood Educator with 19yrs experience, I have a plethora of ‘answers’ & tons of ideas for all your questions from toilet learning to teaching your child to play independently, to guiding behaviour from what it is, to what you’d like it to be.

I’m happy to share in the journey of your unique family and offer some suggestions, guidance, activities and tools which fit your unique values.

What I can help with:

  • Behaviour Guidance (incl, hitting, screaming, tantrums, bedtime routine (I’m not a sleep expert), meal time dramas, toilet learning and more!)
  • Skill development (communication, writing, reading, crawling, walking, jumping, climbing, relaxing, and more)
  • Physical space ideas to optimize learning safely in your home (*additional service)
  • Transitioning from one thing to another
  • Building secure attachment (this does not come by becoming a caregiver/parent, it is a skill & requires effort)
  • Identifying possible learning style preferences (to support childcare/school options that best serve your child’s learning style)

What I cannot help with:

(I may be able to support with a referral to a specialist in some cases)

  • Family Conflict Resolution
  • Addictions / Mental Health Concerns or Suspicions
  • Diagnosis / Specialized Treatment of any kind
  • Speech & Language, Occupational or any other therapies needing specialized training
  • Acute Concerns (if you feel like your family is in crisis, please seek assistance from your family doctor/therapist/counselor/caseworker)
  • TBD – If you’re not sure, ask!